Te Whaariki

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Based on Te Whâriki each outlining the learning objectives for a specific area of play. Great for parent education and teacher quick reference while setting learning objectives during programme planning or writing up children's profiles. They include the title in English & Te Reo Mâori, the learning objective and the specific links to The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whaariki.

Unlike most curriculum resources these come from the 'opposite end' so that you can link learning objective and goals into the areas of play. Providing a very useful tool when writing antidotes in children profiles, reassuring parents whose child plays in a particular are for large amounts of time - that their child really is learning a lot more than they realise.

I've had an enormous amount of feedback at conferences from teachers about the multiple ways this resources is being used in their early childhood centre. This is a very practical resource that I wish I'd had time to make while I was teaching. While the development has been hard work I thoroughly enjoy the 99.9% positive response.

Currently available in sets or individually: Sand, Painting, Blocks, Carpentry, Playdough, Stories, Puzzles, Family Play, Music, Water, Science, Technology, Messy Play, Group Time, Cooking, Outdoor Play, Creative Art, Puppets , Nature, Manipulative Play.

Our Te Whaariki resources are highly acclaimed as 'the resource that every early childhood teacher should have' Feedback, from teachers at all stages of their careers is most commonly ‘how much easier they make my job'. With copyright and DRM owned by Carolyn this is the only place you'll find them. Each set has taken months and months of hard work, but the effort has been so rewarding, we know you’ll find them invaluable. The feedback form teachers for these resources has been outstanding.


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