Ruby Rhymes

Ruby Rhymes are a Collection of smaller sized magnet rhymes that provide resource links to ‘topics, concepts, themes, interests and idea’s that aren’t in everyday use in preschools and early childhood centres. Producing these in a smaller version gives teachers an economical option to add more great magnet rhymes to their education centers resource collection.

Children love magnet stories and rhymes, and they are great fun! Teachers will enjoy using Story Resources modern attractive teaching reosurces in large groups and 1 on 1 learning experiences with the children. they are also perfect for learning centers and circle times, magnetic storyboards provides the visual imagery many children need to successfully reconstruct the events of a story, and link concepts to their own wider world.

And for those in homebased care learning environments these magnetic stories and rhymes will stick on our fridge too,or look at our instructions for making your own very simple magnet board from a baking tray. Simply add the magnetic pictures to the magnet board at mat time. as you sing the rhyme or ask the children add them at the appropriate time in the song. These are also an excellent resource for smaller groups.

Each magnet resource has its own set of full colour digitally drawn graphics with a specific focus and learning objectives. Many resources also incorporate extended learning opportunities, and some have extra activities that can be downloaded from this website. Resources from the Ruby Rhymes Collection come with a rhyme card and pictures. Sizes = rhyme card approx: 14cm x 9.5cm pictures in an average Ruby Rhyme are approx 10xm x 8cm depending upon the shape.

All rhyme resources are available to download instantly. Simply download and print and you're ready to make your magnet rhyme .... making your teaching resource budget go further

Downloads are available immeditaley once payment is complete. Visit "My Account" > "My Orders" > "Downloads" to acess and download your story resources.

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Colourful Little Fish 2 Rhymes
Get your preschoolers singing along with these colourful little fish and 2 great magnet rhymes ..
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Five not very fierce fire breathing little dragons out for a day of fun on this early childhood ma..
Five Pairs of Boots in the Store Rhyme
Five pairs of boots in the store teaches preschool children about pairs, colours & counting it..
Froggie Jump High Early Childhood Rhyme
You shouldn’t have any trouble getting our little froggies jumping high and low with this great we..
Funny Clowns 2 Preschool Rhymes
Some children can find clowns intimidating, so why not help them understand the fun characteristic..
Green Apples Preschool Rhyme
A preschool magnetic rhyme about 5 Green Apples just waiting to be eaten. Ruby Rhyme Download In..
Grey Mice Early Childhood Rhyme
These 5 grey mice are collecting crumbs but along comes the fat sleet cat so quickly, quickly, the..
Hairy Spiders 2 Rhyme
There are 2 magnetic spider rhymes in this set early childhood resource just waiting for your child ..
Jolly Santa's Preschool Rhyme
A Christmas theme preschool rhyme 5 Jolly Santa's "Ruby Rhymes Collection" Ruby Rhyme Download In..
Kites Early Childhood Rhyme
Have you been making or flying kites at your preschool centre today? This magnet rhyme will integr..
Little Birds Rhyme
So often we teach the numbers 1 - 5 but its important to extend the children passed this point, th..
Little Chicks Preschool Rhyme
Five cute little chicks in this magnet rhyme which can also be sung as a mat time song at your ear..
Little Leaves Rhyme
The autumn wind is blowing can you catch each leaf before it hits the ground? Download Rhyme reso..
Little Seashells Rhyme
Have you or the children visited the beach lately? This magnet rhyme will link home and family lif..
Little Snowmen 2 Rhymes
Does it snow where you live? Even if it doesn't children still dream about building their own snow..
Lots More Butterflies Counting Rhyme
This magnet rhyme set has 5 brightly coloured butterflies all with numbers on their wings along wi..
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