5 Martians Rhyme

5 Martians Rhyme
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Teaching numbers from 1 to 5, this early childhood teachers magnet rhyme compliments the 5 Little Men in their Flying Saucers magnet rhyme resource. Building upon the math sequencing and pattern skill concept development

The flying saucers all have different coloured seats and trim, helping children increase their colour recognition skills. Helps children learn basic counting skills emphasising the 1-5 counting foundation.

The light patterns on the spaceships have a simple AB, AB, sequence and are also unique to each flying saucer. This supports preschooler’s pre numeracy skill development as they initially observe, then identify, and can later on, name the pattern sequence. This build upon the same pattern sequencing in '5 little Men in their Flying Saucers' Magnet Rhyme as it only has 5 lights in each sequence, therefore extending the children to draw a conclusion about what the next light in the sequence would be.

To challenge children meta-cognitively there’s even more complex sorting and classification for those with emergent numeracy skills. The lights on 4 flying saucers alternate with yellow being the secondary colour, while 2 don’t.

You can download the Sequencing and Pattern matching Strips to provide further support for children who are just learning these concepts as a visual clue. Check out the Space Theme for more preschool teaching ideas today.

Ruby Rhyme Download Includes:

  • 5 Little Martians Rhyme Card
  • 5 Martians in their flying saucers

Resources from the Ruby Rhymes Collection are smaller than the Ordinary Magnet Rhyme Category. Sizes = rhyme card approx: 14cm x 9.5cm pictures in an average Ruby rhyme as approx 10xm x 8cm depending upon the shape. preschooler

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