Welcome to the wonderful page of all the old favourites and some new ones too! Available for you to Download and make yourself, These rhymes come with lots of extra's. Each magnet resource has its own set of full colour digitally drawn graphics with a specific focus and learning objectives. Many resources also incorporate extended learning opportunities, and some have extra activities that can be downloaded from this website. Children love magnet stories and rhymes, and they are great fun! Teachers will enjoy using Story Resources modern attractive teaching reosurces in large groups and 1 on 1 learning experiences with the children. they are also perfect for learning centers and circle times, magnetic storyboards provides the visual imagery many children need to successfully reconstruct the events of a story, and link concepts to their own wider world.

And for those in homebased care learning environments these magnetic stories and rhymes will stick on our fridge too,or look at our instructions for making your own very simple magnet board from a baking tray.

All rhyme resources are available to download instantly, Simply download our printable resources and you're ready to make yor magnet rhyme .... making your teaching resource budget go further

Downloads are available immeditaley once payment is complete. Visit "My Account" > "My Orders" > "Downloads" to acess and download your story resources.


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1 Little Elephant Balancing Rhyme
Un-like most early childhood magnet rhymes this resource counts upward from 1 to 6. The colour disti..
5 Currant Buns
Here's a song the preschoolers never seem to tire of. These yummy currant buns with their colourful ..
5 Green Speckled Frogs Rhyme
The repetitive lyrics of this rhyme enable children to easily learn the words and sing along. For pr..
5 Humpty Dumpty's Rhyme & Transition Game
This is an awesome resources for any early childhood teacher and is a must have in amongst your ever..
5 Little Ducks
This rhyme seems to have become one of the modern classics. You’ll get lots of use from this resourc..
5 Little Men In Their Flying Saucers
Children seem to thoroughly enjoy using this early childhood centre resource again and again, not ..
5 Little Monkeys Teasing Mr Crocodile
Gosh what cheeky little monkeys these are! I don't think I'd be teasing Mr Crocodile 'Can't catch ..
5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
What do you think happens when Five Little Monkeys jump on the bed? Up to mischief, jumping on ..
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Apples, Apples, Apples - Magnet Rhymes & More
This emergent math skill resource with 2 magnet rhymes 1 Finger Play Rhyme and 1 File Folder Activit..
Christmas Trees
A delightful magnet rhyme about Christmas Trees ready to download for your kindergarten or ealr..
Flowers in the Garden
Hungry Crocodile Magnet Rhyme & More
Watch out Mr Crocodile migt get you!... These 5 crocodiles are hungry, just as well t..
Ice Cream, Ice Cream Rhymes
Who doesn't love to eat ice cream?, now we can sing about it too! These 2 rhymes are ideal for infan..
Lots of Puppy Magnet Rhymes & Finger Plays
Just waiting to have fun, you can ...count them, match them, by their tongues or spots, find to the ..
Old Grey Cat + 5 Finger Plays
Magnet board rhymes and finger plays about cats and mice make this a teaching resource that can be i..
Shape Monster - Magnet Rhyme Download
Children just love the catchy rhyme of this one!!! As they sing away they learn about colours and sh..
Snowmen Rhymes & Finger Plays
This cute resource is great for using during the cold months of winter, especially if you lives some..
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