Ice Cream, Ice Cream Rhymes

Ice Cream, Ice Cream Rhymes
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Who doesn't love to eat ice cream?, now we can sing about it too! These 2 rhymes are ideal for infants and toddlers as they are nice and simple, but older children will enjoy these as well. Children will they learn about colours and counting turn-taking, co-operative play, listening skills and participating in a small or large group activity using this rhyme resource. Teachers can use these familiar objects to create integrated curriculum resources for early childhood centres.

Use the ice-creams to build up obersvation, concentration and memory skills by putting all the ice-creams on the magnetic board, have the children close their eyes whie you remove one and ask the children which colour is missing, As the children are able to confidently particpate they can take turns remvoing an ice cream and be the 'question asking'. This is another way for young children to develop confidence and self esteem, increasingly seeing themselves as competent leaners making a valued contribution to the ealry childhood programme.

Rhyme Resources Included:

  • 2 Song Sheets
  • 5 Ice creams

5 Scoops of Ice cream '5 Scoops of Ice Cream Can I have more, ....'

and 5 Ice cream Cones 'Five little ice cream cones, so good to eat...'

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