Apples, Apples, Apples - Magnet Rhymes & More

Apples, Apples, Apples - Magnet Rhymes & More
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This emergent math skill resource with 2 magnet rhymes 1 Finger Play Rhyme and 1 File Folder Activity is very popular in junior school classrooms as the introduction to fractions demystifies the concept of fractions.

Drawing on children's prior knowledge, they come to the understanding that fractions as just like puzzles. This resource has been developed to promote self confidence in young children ready to start school. Many children and adults, do not consider themselves to 'know math'. Yet we use it every day, in many ways e.g. to tell the time, to count, to weigh,to measure... so its up to teachers, educators and parents to show children just how much they do know.

This rhyme and math resource is just one of the many ways you can promote this. Another way is to identify math concepts as they occur e.g. when children are counting let them know that this is math!

Rhyme & Pre-Math File Folder Resources Included:

  • 2 Little Apples Smiled At Me Song Sheet
  • Farm Brown Had 10 Red Apples Song
  • The Apple Tree Finger Play Rhyme
  • 1 Tree
  • 2 Smiling Apples
  • 10 Small Apples
  • Pieces of Apple (whole, half, third and quarter NB these pieces of apple are not exact, as they are to teach the concept not the strict mathematical equation)
  • Numeracy File Folder Activity - An introduction to fractions


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