5 Little Men In Their Flying Saucers

5 Little Men In Their Flying Saucers
5 Little Men In Their Flying Saucers
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Children seem to thoroughly enjoy using this early childhood centre resource again and again, not just those with specific interest in spacemen astronauts the solar system and space vehicles or transportation. In fact its probably our most requested rhyme resource from the children when they are helping to choose new teaching resources.
There is lots to see and do within this integrated resource!

  • We’ve included 6 cool flying saucers so you can choose which 5 to use, this will keep children alert as they will need to look at the props to see which colour will come next.
  • There are also 3 extra graphics, a spaceman, space vehicle and robot so you can extend the activity even further.  Just use them as story resources to make up a group story or leave them on the board for the children to engage with individually or in small groups. This encourages pre literacy and emergent literacy skills as they develop spontaneous stories.
  • The flying saucers all have different coloured seats and trim, helping children increase their colour recognition skills.
  • Use the flying saucers to play odd one out. 5 of the astronauts are looking to the right and the 6th one is looking left.
  • Having six flying saucers enable you to add an extra one to the song intermittently to help older children with the basic counting skills. For older children, building on the 1-5 counting foundation.
  • The light patterns on the spaceships have a simple AB, AB, sequence and are also unique to each flying saucer. This supports preschooler’s pre numeracy skill development as they initially observe, then identify and can later on name the pattern sequence.
  • To challenge children meta-cognitively there’s even more complex sorting and classification for those with emergent numeracy skills. The lights on 4 flying saucers alternate with yellow being the secondary colour, while 2 don’t. The 2 that don’t alternate with yellow can be matched using primary colours.
  • You can download the Sequencing and Pattern matching Strips to provide further support for children who are just learning these concepts as a visual clue.

Introduce some scientific language or technical jargon - help children remember the new words by writing the names alongside the appropriate story resource which becomes the visual clue.

if you’ve got plenty of room, this magnet rhyme also makes an excellent action song.  Children use their large motor skills – arms outstretched flying around the room.

Download Resources Included:

  • Song Sheet
  • 6 Flying Saucers 8 x 16cm
  • Space Vehicle 14x16.5cm
  • Spaceman / Astronaut 13.5x6.5cm
  • Space Robot 13x9cm

►►►Free Resource Included: Pattern Match Sequencing Strips. To provide a link between pre literacy and emergent literacy skills we've included a light pattern strip for each flying saucer, that children can use to match 1 to 1. Children should be confident at this level of classification before engaging in the more complex classification process.




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