Funny Clowns 2 Preschool Rhymes

Funny Clowns 2 Preschool Rhymes
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Some children can find clowns intimidating, so why not help them understand the fun characteristics of a clown with these 2 magnet rhymes. This magnet rhyme encourages pre maths skills not just counting but also observations and discriminations activities are integrated into the pictures, to suppprt pre reading, writing and maths. See if you can pick out the 2 clowns with matching shoes? or who's bow tie is the same colour as his coat?

Ruby Rhyme Download Includes:

  • 5 Funny Clowns & The Circus Clown Rhyme Card
  • 5 Clowns

Resources from the Ruby Rhymes Collection are smaller than the Ordinary Magnet Rhyme Category. Sizes = rhyme card approx: 14cm x 9.5cm pictures in an average Ruby rhyme as approx 10xm x 8cm depending upon the shape.

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