A Caterpillars Voice - File Folder Activities

A Caterpillars Voice  - File Folder Activities
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This resource is for use in conjunction with A Caterpillar's Voice magnet story resource and can be used for pre literacy and numeracy skill development. Identify and classification of each shadow. Sorting and matching each animal to its unique shadow. Each shadow also has its own set of labels. These can be used to support the development of pre literacy skills as children simply match up the letters in each word.

Emergent readers can be encourage to match the label with the correct animal. Children can be encouraged to find the animal which; hops, lives in the water etc. The animals can also be sorted by their size. Encourage the children to make the sound of each animal Ask open ended questions such as “How do you think the elephant might talk?”

Readers / writers can use the word labels to incorporate into sentences or as the topic of an independent research study on their next visit to the library.

Cut out the shadows and labels for each animal in the story plus the cave. Glue these ‘shadow’s and one set of labels into a file folder and cover the entire area with clear seal for increased hygiene and durability .

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