5 Currant Buns Sprinkle Sequencing File Folder Activity

5 Currant Buns Sprinkle Sequencing File Folder Activity
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Basing new math concepts on the familiar make this is an excellent resource for near 5's or as a learning centre activity in your junior classroom. Yummy currant buns with colourful sprinkles on the top this file folder resource extends the use of uor magnet rhyme 5 Currant Buns. This is an excellent resources for near 5's or as a learning center activitiy in your junior classroom.

If you look closely you’ll see that each muffin has a different number of coloured sprinkles on top e.g. White has all the sprinkles in one colour = white. Pink has sprinkles in two colours = white and pink.

So also notice that the cupcake paper indicates the colour of the new sprinkle introduced. So if a child is ‘stuck’ on identifying the new colour introduced you can prompt them. Its interesting to note how many children recognise this precedent.

Children who have somewhat developed problem solving and cognitive skills can be encouraged to look for this precedent e.g. “Did you notice something the same when we look at the Matching Cards and Sprinkle Colours?”

These ‘Sprinkle’ Matching Cards can be used for visual pattern and colour discrimination.

The numeric number has been written in on each current bun to shows the connection between literacy and numeracy. As children count up the number of colours encourage them to ‘read’ the number.

Te Whāriki;
Communication goal 3, Exploration goal 3, 4

P.s. There’s a also a simplified version for pre math skill development 'Currant Buns Shapes Colours & Counting Math Activities'.

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