5 Currant Buns

5 Currant Buns
5 Currant Buns
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Here's a song the preschoolers never seem to tire of. These yummy currant buns with their colourful sprinkles on the top are great for role play when teaching children about money and how to make a purchase. As the song is sung the children are chosen to buy a current bun.

This has been designed as an integrated resource, and they work well in supporting the learning and development of pre maths and math skills, not just counting . If you look closely you’ll see that each one has a different number of coloured sprinkles e.g. White has all the sprinkles in one colour = white, Pink has sprinkles in 2 colours = white and pink. So the cupcake paper indicates the colour of the new sprinkle introduced.

The cup cake papers can be used for simple colour recognition. The baker on the song page also has 2 different coloured oven mitts so you can play odd one out

Other Ideas for this yummy teachers resource for Kindy Kids: Pat a Cake, The Muffin Man They are also a great transition activity

Rhyme Download Resources Included:

  • Five Currant Buns Song Sheet
  • Currant buns x 5

►►► Free Resource Included: Currant Buns Shapes Colours Counting a literacy and numeracy file folder extension activites supports children in the development of pre reading and writing skills there is also a separate activitity available Currant Buns Sprinkle Sequencing File Folder Activity based upon colours and sequencing.

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